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Electric Mini Tanks are a Dishwasher’s Perfect Mate

By Jens Bolleyer

Conserving water and energy has become an essential practice in the U.S. Whenever you save water and energy, you not only save money, you also reduce the demand for such fossil fuels as coal, oil, and natural gas. Reduction of fossil fuel use also means lower emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary contributor to global warming, and other pollutants.1

Are Your Appliances Green Enough? 

Consumers don’t have to do without modern conveniences in order to achieve these savings. However, chances are you aren’t using your appliances in the most efficient manner. For example, the biggest cost of washing dishes comes from the energy required to heat the water. There are energy efficient alternatives like Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters from Eemax.

A compact Electric Mini Tank Water Heater can fit virtually anywhere, and go where larger water tank heaters can’t. They are ideal for under-the-sink hand washing and kitchen areas close to the dishwasher, and can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. An Eemax Mini Tank is easy to install, offers great value at an attractive price, plugs directly into a 110/120 volt wall outlet, and is floor or wall mountable.

Versatile Mini Tanks can be used as a stand-alone heater for distant fixtures (half-baths, supplemental wash sinks, outdoor kitchens or commercial kitchenettes) or hooked up in line with an existing system to store hot water at the point of use, such as in a primary kitchen area or bathroom vanity sink.

With unbeatable recover times, the Eemax Mini Tanks ensure hot water when and where it’s needed, turning on when the water temperature drops below the thermostatic setting.

Give Your Dishwasher A Boost

When people think of a dishwasher they usually think that most of the energy wasted is from the electricity that pumps water around inside the dishwasher. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, pumping and draining uses 20% of the energy, while heating the water in the hot water tank and dishwasher uses 80% of the energy.2

Today’s dishwashers need the water hot enough (140°F and beyond) to dissolve the detergent and clean the dishes properly. With an Eemax Mini Tank installed under your kitchen sink, you can eliminate the wait for hot water to reach the dishwasher. Simply tap into the dishwasher’s water line and install the heater adjacent to the dishwasher. There is no need for costly and energy inefficient re-circulating lines and pumps. Mini Tanks are lightweight and compact for easy point-of-use installation, delivering on-demand hot water directly to your dishwasher, eliminating long ramp up time, which saves energy. The Mini Tank from Eemax is your dishwasher’s perfect mate.

Visit www.eemax.com/PointofUseMiniTanks for detailed product information on the Eemax Mini Tank Series available in 1, 2.5, 4, and 6-gallon units.
In addition to Mini Tanks, Eemax offers a complete line of Electric Tankless Water Heaters as point-of-use solutions for your on-demand hot water needs. To see a full array of options, visit http://www.eemax.com/ResidentialHomeOwners.

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