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WATERBURY, CT — For the past year, the Eemax training team has been creating ‘events to remember’ inviting engineers, architects, and plumbing contractors to our Innovation Learning Centers. Feedback from these events has shown us that focused experiences greatly increase participants’ understanding of how Eemax tankless electric water heating products provide a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. With this knowledge in hand, the design professional becomes better equipped to develop a robust water heating solution for their customer, no matter the size or scope of the application.

In May, Eemax welcomed a group of engineers and plumbing contractors from California and the Pacific Northwest to participate in our tankless electric water heating class at the Innovation Learning Center (ILC) at Raypak World Headquarters in Oxnard, California.

The ILC events have become an integral part of the training process for our customers, and offer a valuable experience with hands-on training and in-depth discussion related to applications of the product. Attendees are able to share best practices, lessons learned, and insights on how they are solving water their heating challenges. For example, Eemax residential tankless electric water heaters provide an innovative solution to the way wholehome water heating systems are typically designed. Installing a zone-based system—where water is heated at the point-of-use—can cut the plumbing system in half, a huge savings when it comes to material costs and labor. Point-of-use systems can also eliminate the costs associated with standby heat loss.

“An event like this enables us to build stronger relationships with our customers,” explains Jim Vaccaro, northwest regional sales manager. “It gives the participants an opportunity to explore new ideas and share their experiences and knowledge with others in their industry. One example of that ‘ah ha moment’ was being able to show how installing an Eemax MiniTank at the furthest fixture on a recirculation loop provides the user with hot water immediately, versus waiting for the hot water to arrive—and just as important, eliminates wasting water.”

Eemax is committed to creating and delivering a world-class training experience. We value, and actively seek to understand our customer expectations prior to each event. The Innovation Learning Centers are a place where we can focus on our customer, learn about their unique challenges, and work to provide them with innovative water heating solutions.

Eemax tankless electric water heating training events are planned throughout the year at each of the Innovation Learning Centers, with locations in California (Raypak World Headquarters), Connecticut (Eemax World Headquarters), Georgia (Rheem World Headquarters – Water Division), and Texas (Rheem World Headquarters – Air Division). For more information, contact your local Eemax rep agency or an Eemax Regional Sales Manager.

“Thank you for the time, effort, and investment put into this training seminar. I didn’t realize how many products were in your portfolio. When it comes to heating water with electricity, it will be hard to think of anyone other than Eemax.”

–Jeff Bowden, Owner, Pilot Plumbing and Heating

After a day of training, attendees were given the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes tour of Porsche Motorsports (one of only two such facilities in the world) where a diverse collection of classic and modern day cars driven by Team Porsche were on display.

The Rheem Innovation Learning Center live demo lab enables real-world troubleshooting and hands-on teardown of product—an integral part of each course—giving attendees the opportunity to experience a variety of Eemax tankless water heaters and understand the multiple applications they can support.

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Providing endless hot water is our business. Eemax delivers a robust portfolio of electric tankless water heaters that are designed for easy, flexible installation, are engineered with advanced capabilities, and are industry-leading when it comes to innovation. Headquartered in Waterbury, CT, Eemax has a sales presence in 30 countries worldwide through plumbing wholesale distribution channels and major retail outlets. Visit to learn more.

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