Eemax ProSeries XTP™

Easy to Install, Operate & Service

ProSeries XTP™ was designed and perfected by plumbers making these heaters easy to install, operate and service. ProSeries XTP is a dependable and efficient solution for diverse commercial applications that require water temperatures up to 180 °F and specify flow rates from 0.5 to 20.5 gallons per minute. The units range in power from 16 to 54 kilowatts and operate on 208V/480V three-phase delta power. The family is comprised of 10 models in either 3 or 6 heating chamber configurations.

ProSeries XTP™ was designed with Adaptive Stability Technology (AST) to assess heater conditions and shift unit operation, ensuring a consistent and reliable output. AST is comprised of three unique components AST-Flex Power™, AST-Dynamic Power™, and AST-Smart Calibration™.

Eemax ProSeries XTP AST

Download our ProSeries XTP brochure and specification sheet or contact Eemax directly about ProSeries XTP.

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