Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Ensuring comfortable handwashing

Eemax Handwashing Applications

Safe and readily accessible handwashing requires a reliable, efficient, cost-saving solution. At Eemax, we are dedicated to ensuring endless, on-demand hot water for code-compliant handwashing and sanitation to keep your employees and customers safe.

Our handwashing portfolio delivers safe and consistent hot water on demand.

Thermostatic tankless electric water heater with silent operation and an industry leading low flow activation at 0.2 GPM. Learn more.

AccuMix II™
Meets UPC 407.3 for public handwashing with an integrated ASSE 1070 compliant mixing valve. Learn more.

Non-thermostatic tankless electric water heater. Ideal for a single sensor or metered faucet and other fixed-flow applications. Learn more.

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