Non-thermostatic heater for fixed-flow applications.

FlowCo™ tankless electric water heater is designed for handwashing and other fixed-flow applications. FlowCo delivers endless hot water to a single fixture. All FlowCo models are compact, easily mountable, and feature InfoCue™ technology. Install the unit within two feet of the fixture for best performance.


System information indicator

InfoCue visible LED indicator communicates system status and heater operation feedback. For additional information on functionality, view the FlowCo user manual.

Mount in any orientation for a flexible installation

FlowCo mounts in any horizontal or vertical orientation and is an ideal solution for environments with space restrictions or pre-existing plumbing connections.
Install under a counter, on a wall, or wherever is the most convenient spot for any application.

Compact size saves space

Keep the installation footprint down with a FlowCo unit. The compact size allows for a flexible installation.


How It Works

Step 1
Inlet fitting

Water enters the heater through the 3/8″ compression fitting.

Step 2
Inlet temperature thermistor and flow sensor.

The inlet temperature and gallons-per-minute flow rate are measured and the data is sent to the control board.

Step 3
Control board and LED indicator.

The control board applies power to the heating element. The InfoCue LED indicator communicates system status.

Step 4
Heating chamber.

The water is heated in the heating chamber by the heating element and then is delivered to the hot water fixture.

How It Works