Airports are big places, with a lot of people in a hurry who don’t want to wait around for the water to heat up. Eemax’s point of use heaters are perfect for just this reason, giving your public restrooms an endless supply of hot water heated instantly right when you need it, while being small enough to not take up valuable space.

Airports also mean a lot of restaurants, which means a lot of hot water that you can count on to always be hot. Eemax’s high flow point of use heaters heat the water instantly when you need it, giving you an endless supply of hot water. And because there’s no tank, the heaters can be installed in any location, making it easy to adapt retail places for restaurants.

But you also need your workers to be safe. Eemax’s safety shower heaters have a +/-1 degree accuracy to perfectly meet ANSI and OSHA tepid water requirements, and are small enough to let you put a safety shower anywhere it’s needed. That means that if something goes wrong, your workers can count on having a nearby safety shower and can count on it not scalding or freezing them.

Depending on flow rate and temperature requirements, Series 1 Single Point, Series 1 Flow Controlled, Series 1 Thermostatic or Mini-Tank products are ideal for delivering hot water in commercial restrooms.

SafeAdvantage is designed to provide tepid water to Eye Face Drench showers.

Give us a call, and we can help you with a comprehensive hot water plan to fit all of your hot water needs across the whole airport.

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