Ideal for commercial and industrial hot water requirements.

SpecAdvantage™ tankless electric water heater designed for low duty cycle applications where precise temperature controls and low pressure drop are required. Units features fully modulating controls and safety features to ensure precise temperature control.


Compact size for flexible installation

Eemax tankless units are up to 90% smaller than water heater tank. The compact size and wall mounting allow for an easier installation and saves valuable floor space.

Thermostatic control for stable output temperature

The temperature rise required between the incoming and output water temperatures is calculated by the control board which then regulates the amount of power applied to the heating elements.

NEMA enclosures and additional options available

Additional product options are available with SpecAdvantage units. Enclosures are available for NEMA 4, 4X, and 4X6. Enclosure options are available such as freeze protection, fused or non-fused disconnect, C1D2 compliance, GFCI, remote display, siren, beacon, emergency stop and more. Contact an Eemax sales representative for more information.