ProSeries XTP

Leading the evolution of hot water.

ProSeries XTP™ tankless electric water heaters are designed for applications that require superior thermal performance and stability. Using breakthrough Adaptive Stability Technology™, ProSeries XTP models provide exact thermal performance in demanding conditions.

ProSeries XTP is an ideal solution for diverse commercial and industrial applications requiring water temperatures up to 180 °F and specified flow rates from 0.5 to 20 gallons per minute. The units range in power from 16 to 54 kilowatts and operate on three phase delta power. The family is comprised of 10 models in either 3 or 6 heating chamber configurations.


Thermostatic control for stable output temperature

The temperature rise required between the incoming and output water temperatures is calculated by the control board which then regulates the amount of power applied to the heating elements.

Compact size for flexible installation

Eemax tankless units are up to 90% smaller than water heater tank. The compact size and wall mounting allow for an easier installation and saves valuable floor space.