Hot water wherever you need it.

MiniTank™ water heaters deliver up to 6 gallons of hot water at any fixture, eliminating wait times from long pipe runs. Use a MiniTank for a standalone application or as a booster for a central water heating unit.


Compact size for a variety of installation options

MiniTank units have a compact design so they can be installed conveniently near the point-of-use.

Standalone point-of-use heating application

Install the MiniTank close to the hot water fixture with a cool incoming water supply. MiniTank can deliver hot water with just a single cold water line brought to the installation location.

Standalone point-of-use multi-fixture heating application

Install the MiniTank in a location central to the hot water fixtures. Lowering the distance between the MiniTank outlet and the fixture will reduce the wait time for hot water.

Point-of-use booster heating application

Install the MiniTank near a hot water fixture that is too far from a central hot water heater.