Tepid water for emergency fixtures.

SafeAdvantage™ tankless electric water heater features fully modulating controls and diverse safety features to ensure conformity to ANSI Z358.1 tepid water requirements without additional mixing valves.


NEMA enclosure included

SafeAdvantage includes a NEMA enclosure, N4, N4X and N4X options are available. Additional enclosure options are available such as freeze protection, fused or non-fused disconnect, C1D2 compliance, GFCI, remote display, siren, beacon, emergency stop and more. Contact an Eemax sales representative for more information.

Thermostatic control for stable output temperature

The temperature rise required between the incoming and output water temperatures is calculated by the control board which then regulates the amount of power applied to the heating elements. Additional features ensure that the water temperature does not exceed the set maximum outlet temperature for continuous, safe operation.