Eemax tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water whenever you need it and for however long you need it.

Eliminate water storage tanks to save space with a tankless unit. Install under a sink or in a nearby closet.

Eemax tankless units are energy efficient. Power is only applied to the elements when hot water is needed.

Don’t waste time waiting for water to heat up at the fixture. Install at point-of-use to eliminate pipe runs.

According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can gain energy savings up to 50% with tankless.

No exhaust means no venting. Eliminate the air vents by installing an energy-efficient tankless electric water heater.

Eemax Hot Shower
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On-Demand Hot Water

Eemax tankless electric heaters are compact and easy to install nearby hot water fixtures. Pick a spot under the sink or hidden in a nearby closet to cut down on the time-to-temperature. Instead of turning on the shower and walking away, save water by installing an Eemax tankless unit.