Modern Bathroom

Get the benefits of Eemax tankless water heaters without the wait. Install a compact tankless water heater within a couple of feet of the fixture to reduce the pipe run.

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Eemax Residential Applications
Whole House

Endless hot water throughout the house. Eemax delivers hot water for multiple fixtures operating simultaneously without the limits of a traditional storage water heater.

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Eemax Hot Shower
Simplify and Save with Eemax Point-of-Use Tankless Hot Water Heating

Simplify, Save…then take a HOT Shower As a homeowner, the investments you make in your house are important. Preceding the […]

Hot Shower
What to ask when selecting a HomeAdvantage II tankless water heating system

There are seven different models in the Eemax HomeAdvantage II line of residential tankless heaters. Which one is right for you?

Eemax Hot Water
3 ways Eemax AutoBooster instantly improves your hot water tank

Eemax Autobooster: The solution to all your hot water capacity conundrums.

Eemax Hot Shower
3 ways tankless heaters will change how you use water

Don't let the tank hold you back - check out all the things a tankless water heater once you make the switch.