Get more hot water from any size tank.

AutoBooster™ tankless electric water heater boosts tank water heaters by adding up to 45% delivery capacity to any tank. AutoBooster works with the tank to deliver more hot water. An 80-gallon tank combined with an AutoBooster delivers the hot water capacity of a 120-gallon tank. Install the unit directly on the tank outlet or on a nearby wall. No need for additional electrical infrastructure when used with an existing 30-amp electric water heater.


Boost any tank for more hot water

AutoBooster can be installed directly on the tank outlet and inline with any existing plumbing. Instead of getting a larger tank, upgrade any tank with an AutoBooster.

External controls for adjustable settings

Use control knob to set temperature in increments of 1°F, view system information and set different modes of operation.

More hot water with a smaller footprint

AutoBooster can be installed directly on the outlet fitting of any tank or mounted on a wall nearby. It adds hot water capacity to the tank so the homeowner can get the performance of a larger tank without having to take up more valuable floor space.


How It Works

Step 1
Tank heating.

Whenever a hot water fixture is used, hot water exits the tank and cooler water refills the tank. If a lot of hot water is used, the tank struggles to reheat water at the speed of the demand and the temperature of the water being delivered slowly drops.

Step 2
Boosting the water.

After an AutoBooster is installed, the unit monitors the temperature of the tank output. If the temperature drops below the activation temperature, AutoBooster starts heating the water to bring it back up to the desired temperature.

How It Works