You take every precaution to make sure there aren’t accidents, especially since you’re dealing with hazardous chemicals. But if an accident does happen, your safety showers need to be nearby, and you need to know they’ll give you a steady flow of the right temperature water. Eemax safety heaters are small enough to go anywhere you need a shower, and with a +/- 1 degree accuracy, are perfect for tepid water solutions that meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

But you need more than just tepid water, and in a wide variety of situations, which is why Eemax’s extensive product line has more options than any other manufacturer. Low flow hot water heaters give instant water for public restrooms, and powerful, high capacity heater can handle any hot water job you need. Best of all, there’s no tank, which means the water heater can fit wherever you need hot water.

  • Space: Depending on how much hot water your facility needs, you could need massive tanks to meet this demand, taking up important real estate in your building.
  • Life span: Water has a number of minerals that can eat away at the inside of a tank, along with rust shortening tank lifespan to around a decade.
  • Wasted water: If all of the hot water in a tank is used up, you either need to wait for your tank to fill back up again, or use cold water.
  • Inefficient: Because the water needs to be kept at a consistent temperature, hot water tanks constantly need to use energy to keep water warm.

Eemax tankless solutions

Even if you’ve recently installed a water tank, Eemax tankless water heaters can help improve these problems. Commercial boosters are roughly 90 percent smaller than tanks, so they take up very little space. On top of this, they heat water on demand, so you can use a smaller and less expensive tank, but still meet your needs.

Further, Eemax tankless water heaters are 99 percent thermal energy efficient, compared to just 65 percent on tanks. These uses can help you save up to 50 percent in your water heating costs. Because these tanks are not subject to the same kind of corrosive wear and tear as tank water heaters, they can last as much as two times longer than tanks. Eemax offers a range of products that can be used as commercial boosters:

  • Series 2: Can work for a single tub or shower in apartments and provide 2.5 gallons per minute of showering temperature hot water.
  • Three Phase: Supports three compartment sinks, dual showers and wash downs. Can reach higher flow rate capacities up to 5 gpm for 180° making it ideal for commercial and industrial applications where sanitation is key.
  • SpecAdvantage: Suited for tepid water eye/ face combination and can reach 180°. Supports industrial level flow rates from 1 gpm to 40 gpm.
  • SafeAdvantage: Specifically designed for Safety Applications. Meets ANSI Z358.1 tepid water requirements. Ideal for safety drench showers and eye/face showers in industrial facilities.


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