Your power station has an incredibly wide range of hot water needs, from tepid water safety showers, to hot water for restrooms, to industrial hot water applications, and you need to be able to count on every single one of them for flawless consistency and reliability.

That’s where Eemax has you covered. Safety heaters have +/- 1 degree accuracy to meet all OSHA and ANSI tepid water regulations. Point of use low flow heaters are perfect for getting instant hot water anywhere you need it, from restrooms to break rooms. And with the largest variety of electric tankless water heaters on the market, there’s a water heater for every need.

Depending on flow rate and temperature requirements, SafeAdvantage.

Give us a call, and our specialists will make it easy to find the perfect water heaters to fit all of your specifications.

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  • Public Restrooms
  • Process Hot Water

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Eemax technical specialists have 10 years of experience, and know our extensive product line cold. We’re standing ready to make it painless to find the perfect hot water solution for your project.

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