Whether it’s getting back to the game or getting back before the next song, your attendees are going to be in a hurry. In restrooms, that means they don’t want to wait around for hot water, and in concessions, that means your stands need to be running at top speed. Eemax point of use water heaters instantly heat the water when you need it. That means there’s no waiting around for the water to get hot, and no running out of hot water. And since there’s no large, bulky tank, the tankless water heaters can fit anywhere, including right under the sink where you need hot water.

And you don’t have to worry about the players or performers either. When the game or show’s over, they’ll need a lot of hot water for showers. Eemax’s shower water heaters give you an endless supply of consistent hot water when you need it, so you can guarantee your showers will stay hot to the last drop.

Depending on flow rate and temperature requirements, Series 1 Single Point, Series 1 Flow Controlled, Series 1 Thermostatic or Mini-Tank products are ideal for delivering hot water in commercial restrooms.

Accumix, Series 1 Single-Point, and Series 1 Thermostastic products are ideal for hand washing applications

Give as a call, and we’ll help you find the perfect water heater for every situation in the stadium.

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