Jet Tub Booster

Jet tubs can be a nice addition to any bathroom remodeling project, but keeping water warm can be costly if your are using an outdated hot water heater.

Tankless water heaters have numerous applications around the home. If you’re in the process of remodeling your bathroom, or thinking of replacing your tub, then you should put some serious consideration into a tankless water heater.

Jet tubs are a great way to relax and alleviate pain, along with adding value to your bathroom remodeling project. However, hot water heating can get quite expensive. The Department of Energy noted that the average household spends between $400 and $600 each year on water heating, making it the second largest utility expense within the home. By investing in a more efficient hot water heater, you can keep these bills under control, while also improving the performance of your jet tub in the process.

Why tankless?

There are a number of hot water heating solutions on the market today, but in terms of efficiency and performance, tankless solutions rise above the rest. Conventional water heating methods, like tank water heaters, can be quite costly. Here are the ways you can save with a tankless solution.

  • Energy: Tankless water heaters have a 99 percent thermal efficiency rating, making them the most energy efficient solution on the market.
  • Space: Tankless water heaters are 90 percent smaller than tanks, making for more convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Performance: Because they can be installed at the point of use, tankless water heaters can provide and immediate and endless supply of hot water.
  • Lifespan: These water heaters can last over 20 years, which is about roughly double that of tanks.

Eemax solutions

Eemax has a number of tankless hot water heating solutions for your next jet tub.

  • Series Two: This model can provide up to 2.5 gallon per minute of bathing temperature water, making ideal for a booster application.
  • Series Three: Its 4 gpm flow rate makes it ideal for whole home use and can handle up to two showers at a time. It is designed to turn on in stages to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Series Four: Similar to the Series Two and Three, can support a 6 gpm flow rate.
  • HomeAdvantage II: The HomeAdvantage II uses self modulating technology to optimize efficiency, while at the same time, providing an endless supply of hot water.

Eemax hot water solutions can balance performance and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for your jet tub.


Depending on flow rate and temperature requirements, Series Two, HomeAdvantage II products provide the hot water desired.

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