Utility Sink

Utility sinks are used in a variety of commercial settings, and by using an Eemax water heating solution, you can make sure you have ample supplies of hot water without wasting money.

It is almost impossible to find a commercial setting that does not use hot water. Be it a kitchen in a restaurant, a laboratory or a hospital that needs it for sanitation, these appliances are vital to making sure businesses are performing their best.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to a lot of waste. In many cases, the water needs to be at a precise temperature to make sure that one’s hands or kitchenware is clean, which can translate into large overhead utility costs. Water heating can account for as much as 18 percent of your utility bill, and possible grow even higher, depending on how much water your commercial operations use.

Saving with Eemax

As a result, investing in a Eemax tankless water heating solution can be a great way to save. By heating water at the point of use you can save:

  • Water by not having to wait for water to heat up
  • Energy by eliminating standby energy waste found in water tanks
  • Space by removing the water tank from the equation
  • Replacement costs, as tankless water heaters last over 20 years

Eemax tankless water heaters are 99 percent thermal energy efficient, which is miles beyond the 65 percent thermal energy efficiency rating that the best tank water heaters achieve. This can translate into energy savings of 50 percent.

Finding the right solution

Depending on you needs, there are a variety of Eemax water solutions available:

  1. Three Phase: The Three Phase is ideal for three compartment sinks, dual showers and wash downs. It can support higher flow rates, which are ideal for industrial and commercial applications, ranging from .5 gallons per minute to 4 gpm capacity, or 1.8gpm to 5 gpm. Its compact size makes it optimal for point of use installation, and it ranges from 18 kilowatts to 32 kilowatts.
  2. Series Two: The Series Two is best suited for single shower or tub use in condos or apartments. It has a capacity of up to 3 gpm and provides a flow rate of 2.5 gpm for showering temperature water. It can work for booster type applications and supply hot water up to 180 for dishwashers and sanitation.
  3. Series Three: The Series Three is designed for whole house usage and can handle two showers at once. It can provide up to 4 gpm and is engineered to turn on in stages so it only uses the necessary amount of power.
  4. Series Four: The Series Four boasts the same features as the Series Three, but is capable of handling three showers at ones and can provide up to 6 gpm.

Recommended products are; Three Phase, Series 2 or SpecAdvantage.

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