Process water demands can stress a plant’s hot water infrastructure. Eemax delivers endless hot water where and when you need it.

Free up valuable floor space. Eemax tankless heaters are wall mountable and compact to deliver hot water without the bulk.

Don’t heat and store hot water when it isn’t needed. Tankless heaters are energy efficient and only heat water on-demand.

Keep the process moving with fast time-to-temperature. Install heater close to the hot water fixture for best performance.

Eliminates standby losses with an Eemax tankless water heater. Power is only used when hot water is needed.

No exhaust means no venting. Eliminate the air vents by installing an energy-efficient tankless electric water heater.

ProSeries XTP AST
Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ Delivering Commercial Hot Water Solutions

Waterbruy, CT – January 2022 – Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ is ideal for diverse commercial applications that require reliable hot water […]

Product Highlight: Eemax SpecAdvantage assists train rinsing facility

Examine the role our SpecAdvantage industrial-grade tankless water heater played in saving money for a chemical facility with considerable heating and water-volume needs.

Industrial sector: Go tankless and save in more ways than one

Investing in better on-site water equipment could make industrial consumption even more efficient and way more cost-effective.

The impact of tankless water heaters on industrial enterprises

Tankless water heaters come with immense benefits for single homes and virtually any type of business.

Precision Hot Water

Realize the benefits of a tankless electric water heater. Get reliable hot water without the wait of a traditional storage heater recovery time. Units are available for high volume hot water, deionized applications, tepid water applications, washdown processes and more. Get thermostatic temperature control for consistent hot water.

Industrial Hot Water Applications

Washdown Process

Get endless hot water without expensive standing losses with an Eemax heater for your washdown processes. Washdown units are often installed in wet environments and require waterproof cabinets. Eemax can help you customize both your heater and your cabinet for maximum performance and longevity in these difficult environments.

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Eemax Laboratory Applications


Ultra-pure reverse osmosis or deionized water require specialized hot water heaters. Eemax “DI” heaters are built to withstand the damaging effects of reverse osmosis or deionized water while maintaining the purity standards your manufacturing process requires. In addition, by installing Eemax “DI” water heaters close to the workstation, very expensive DI water waste is reduced, saving time and money in reducing water waste and energy costs.

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