Eemax safety products deliver endless tepid water that conforms to ANSI Z358.1 regulations without additional features.

Mount an Eemax tankless heater on a wall above or nearby an emergency wash station to free up floor space.

Eemax tankless water heaters only consume power when actively heating water, so there is no wasted energy.

Install a tankless heater nearby the safety fixture for a fast time-to-temperature performance and no recovery period.

Avoid continuously heating water to have on standby, use a tankless heater for on-demand hot water to save on energy costs.

Eemax electric water heaters have no venting requirements, allowing for installation flexibility to deliver hot water.

Safety first, science second: Tankless water heaters for school eyewash and face drench stations

How do tankless water heaters make a difference when hooked up to school eyewash stations and face drench showers?

Going tankless offers cost-effective compliance for showers and eyewash stations

Buildings managers and contractors can resolve compliance issues by going tankless.

Selecting the right water heater is critical for businesses with eyewash stations

The eyewash compliance process can be simplified by investing in the right tankless water heater.

How tankless water heaters can enhance drench shower performance

Drench showers are an essential for industrial safety, and by using a tankless water heater, you can ensure that you're drench showers are keeping employees safe.

On-Demand Tepid Water

Free up valuable space with an Eemax tankless electric water heater. Instead of heating gallons of water on standby, install a tankless heater near the safety fixture for endless tepid water and a fast time-to-temperature.

Eemax Safety Applications

Eye/Face Wash Station

Tepid water where you need it, when you need it, for as long as you need it. That’s the advantage of using Eemax tankless electric water heaters for your tepid water safety applications. Eemax heaters have maximum installation flexibility and require no venting, assuring you of fast time-to-temperature performance for your safety eyewash or facewash installation.

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Eemax Safety Applications

Emergency Drench Shower

Avoid workplace fines in your OSHA-designated hazardous environment by installing an emergency drench shower with endless tepid water supplied by an Eemax SafeAdvantage tankless electric water heater. Eemax SafeAdvantage tankless electric water heaters provide an endless supply of tepid water for safety applications without an expensive ASSE-1071 mixing valve and without costly standing losses.

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Eemax Safety Applications

Eyewash Station

Eemax LavAdvantage units with the “EE” option provide tepid water for your point-of-use safety eyewash applications. Low volume eyewashes (under 2 GPM) are served easily and efficiently with Eemax tankless electric water heaters. In addition, when Eemax heaters are dedicated to serving only a tepid water application, the installation of an expensive ASSE-1071 mixing valve becomes unnecessary, saving time and money on installation.

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