High purity water heating for commercial applications.

All deionzed products feature stainless steel, nichrome, and engineered plastics for all wetted components. Eemax deionized models are capable of heating high purity water with state-of-the-art materials used in construction and rated for purity levels up to 18 MEG OHM.

Deionized models are available in single heating module, dual module and triple module configurations for a variety of solutions to best fit any application.


Compact size for flexible installation

Eemax tankless units are up to 90% smaller than water heater tank. The compact size and wall mounting allow for an easier installation and saves valuable floor space.

Thermostatic control for temperature stability.

The water is heated by the heating element while the water temperature and flow rate are monitored by the control board. The self-modulating software compares the actual outlet temperature to the desired temperature and makes adjustments to the power applied if required.