3 ways tankless water heaters can help reduce waste in the industrial sector

The industrial sector sits at the heart of the American economy, and is responsible for the thousands of consumer products we use every day. Unfortunately, the industrial sector is also one of the largest single consumers of water in the country. Data reported by the United States Geological survey shows that the industrial sector consumes nearly 20,000 million gallons of water annually. Some of this high volume of water inevitably goes to waste, and this logistical reality makes it imperative for members of the industrial sector to prioritize efficient operations.That's one of the main reasons that facilities in the industrial sector are ideal locations for tankless water heaters. The following are three ways going tankless can help industry control its water consumption while offering a myriad of extra benefits:

1. Combating rapid water consumption
It's no surprise the industrial sector reported such a high consumption rate considering all the ways that water is used in manufacturing. Often water baths are used to cool recently heated products, or as a method of rinsing. Industries that deal in dangerous, corrosive materials utilize several gallons a year through their safety showers and eyewash stations. Factories must also provide safe hot water for bathrooms, which are often spread out across a large facility. Each of these points of use can contribute to water waste if a building is equipped with out-of-date water heating equipment. Water loses heat as it travels from a centrally located water reservoir and moves across a facility's plumbing system, forcing workers to use more water than necessary. By taking advantage of a point-of-use install and on-demand heating available in top of the line tankless heaters, members of the industrial sector can avoid these water waste issues completely.

2. Reducing utilities boosts productivity
The Alliance for Water Efficiency noted that a key strategy for facilities looking to reduce waste is to invest in energy-saving installations. By adding a touch of green to the inside of a factory, members of the industrial sector can enjoy reduced costs and customer kudos for giving back to the planet. Tankless water heaters are unique upgrades in that they help to simultaneously reduce water waste and electricity consumption. The removal of the storage tank helps eliminate a water heater's main source of water waste and cuts down on fuel use. High-end tankless water heaters are built to be 99 percent efficient, utilizing 99 cents of every dollar spent on water heating so that 99 percent of the energy that goes into the heater comes out at hot water. By comparison, even the most efficient tankless heaters fail to achieve thermal efficiency greater than 65 percent.

3. Wasted space is still waste
Space efficiency should not be overlooked by building managers looking to improve the performance of their company – maximizing manufacturing space can help turn cluttered work environments into maneuverable safe spaces. Going tankless can assist in this efficiency project as well. While standard tank water heaters tend to dominate space in closets and corners, tankless appliances are 90 percent smaller than legacy heaters. When members of the industrial sector aim to make their facilities more spacious and to sustainable, tankless water heaters can help on both ends.

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