Leading the Evolution of Water Heating

At Eemax, our goal is to design and build safe, efficient, code-compliant tankless and miniature tank electric water heaters that support sustainable, innovative service water heating solutions for residential, commercial, light industrial, and safety applications.

Tankless and miniature tank electric water heating is a zero emission solution that when installed at the point-of-use, consistently delivers the fastest time-to-temperature, endless hot water. Save energy, save water, save money with Eemax.

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Eemax Handwashing Portable Station

Press Release – Eemax® Increasing Handwashing Accessibility in Schools

August 30, 2021 — K – 12 schools across the US are currently beginning the new 2021-2022 school year. Unlike previous school years, students, faculty and parents are faced with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and more specifically the more contagious Delta variant.  As we continue navigating the unchartered waters of the pandemic, it is critical for our schools to provide the proper access to hand washing for our children…

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Turning to Tankless

There has been a broad spectrum of innovative solutions in the world of tankless electric water heaters within the last decade. From saving space due to their compact size to field adjustable settings and energy-efficiency, this innovative water heating solution has been racking up the accolades. As their popularity grows in the U.S. market, trade professionals are learning about tankless electric and have become better equipped to develop water heating solutions for their customers, no matter the size or scope of the application.

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Selecting an Eemax tankless electric water heater