Tankless water heaters provide valuable branding opportunities

As competition continues to heat up in the private sector, businesses need to do everything in their power to separate themselves from others in their respective markets. This can be difficult given the sheer amount of saturation seen in various industries, but is certainly feasible when leaders step outside of the box in how they create and manage brand strategies.

One opportunity to both improve the spend management of a company internally and its brand image in the eyes of customers is replacing current heating systems with tankless water heaters. These pieces of equipment have been found to be more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters, which will save commercial enterprises immensely on utilities bills.

In addition to those savings, marketing teams will then be able to leverage investments into eco-conscious water heating equipment in their advertising and branding campaigns. First, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why business leaders should focus on making gains with respect to their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

“Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious.”

A major shift in consumer preference
Throughout the past decade or so, studies have shown that consumers are becoming far more eco-conscious with the passing of each year. Younger customers – which are already beginning to represent the largest portion of markets in many industries – are particularly in tune with energy efficiency and sustainable business practices.

Nielsen released a report last fall regarding the sentiments of consumers as they relate to choosing businesses to purchase products and services from, and the results were resoundingly in favor of sustainability. According to the report, half of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the ways in which products were made, leaning toward eco-friendly practices.

Two-thirds of the respondents stated they tend to pay more for products that come from a sustainable company should other, cheaper options not be responsibly manufactured. Interestingly, Nielsen found that some of the traditional sales drivers such as deals and coupons fell out of the top five influencers for purchasing decisions, which have been largely supplanted by green initiatives.

Especially larger enterprises a lot of commercial space to warm in the winter, a tankless water heater can make a massive difference in their carbon footprint. Once the change has been made, the next step is to ensure current and prospective clientele are aware of the shift, as well as why the company took this action.

Sustainability is critical to brand success today. Sustainability is critical to brand success today.

Marketing the right way
Sustainability initiatives that go unrecognized will not provide the full range of financial and competitive advantages they ought to. The right branding adjustments can help avoid this issue.

Here are a couple ways commercial enterprises can get more traction from their tankless water heater implementation:

  • Leadership statement: Have an executive or other high-ranking leader compose a statement and post it on social media websites like LinkedIn. Make sure the statement not only includes a clear announcement that the tankless water heater has been installed, but why it was. Statistics related to the energy efficiency gains, as well as a note on the company’s commitment to sustainability, should also be included.
  • Email blasts: Email campaigns can be similarly helpful in boosting the brand image. They should not only contain the announcement, but a deal of some sort to show that the business will be passing down the savings achieved from the tankless water heater to its clientele.

Tankless water heaters represent the next era in energy-efficient commercial water heating, and the time to get aboard is now.

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