The impact of tankless water heaters on industrial enterprises

Tankless water heaters come with immense benefits for single homes and virtually any type of business. These include better energy efficiency, lower utilities bills, simple installations and many others. However, can they provide these benefits at scale?

To get an idea of just how powerful tankless water heaters have become, it is good to look at an industrial enterprise that has far more complex and extravagant hot water needs. Let’s evaluate the ways in which an industrial enterprise could be transformed by a tankless water heater.

“Traditional water heaters take up a lot of square footage.”

Significant advantages compared to traditional equipment
Industrial water heaters can take up a massive portion of square footage, and truly drain finances. When at a large scale, such as in a manufacturing plant, there will also be immense maintenance demands with traditional models. However, tankless water heaters represent an exceptional alternative.

Here are some of the biggest impacts the industrial sector can experience after replacing their current units with tankless water heaters:

  • Performance: Industrial enterprises will enjoy far better reliability from these water heaters, as they heat the water on demand rather than storing the heated water in a large tank. Because the hardware lasts longer, there is better return on investment to be had. Making a business case to implement such equipment should be far easier. Past that, better performance means fewer repairs and lower costs on maintenance, as well as improved energy efficiency which can be used within public relations and marketing strategies.
  • Safety: Safety is a critical aspect of running any business in the industrial sector, since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is highly active in investigations. Customers and employees will be safe from burns and other potential risks that accompany hot water heating with a tankless model, which can protect the company from both OSHA investigations, worker compensation payments, and litigation. Fines can be high, worker injuries can lead to lost productivity, and several other issues arise when safety falls by the wayside. Tankless water heaters are safer than traditional equipment.
  • Square footage: Industrial businesses typically require a massive amount of square footage in their plants and operational facilities. While one might think this means they can be a bit more flippant with their layouts, this is simply not the case. Real estate is expensive, and industrial enterprises that make the most out of their spaces tend to be more profitable than others. Tankless water heaters are far smaller, meaning that more square footage will be freed up after installation. This will give industrial firms more options for remodeling and renovation projects as well.

So, with those three differentiating factors, it should be clear that tankless water heaters are the way to go when it comes to industrial enterprise.

Tankless water heaters can vastly improve industrial plant efficiency.Tankless water heaters can vastly improve industrial plant efficiency.

Impacts are immediate
The long term advantages of tankless water heaters are immense, and will build over time. Think about it this way – if an industrial plant has 10 hot water heaters, which they replace with tankless water heaters, the new equipment will last between five and 10 years longer. Across that many assets, going from a lifespan of 10-15 years to 20 years will make a huge difference from a maintenance and replacement standpoint.

However, the immediate benefits are not to be forgotten here. These units are very easily and quickly installed, and will make a palpable difference for the industrial enterprise right from the start. Do not miss out on these advantages – install tankless water heaters today!

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