4 assurances for businesses that go tankless with AccuMix


People say money doesn’t grow on trees, but can value come from a faucet? Many commercial businesses are replacing their traditional hot water heaters with tankless heating systems. Why is that?

First and foremost because tanked water heating can be a real drag on operational costs, especially for small businesses. Did you know that, according to the Department of Energy, U.S. small businesses spend $60 billion a year on energy? No matter how energy-conscious business owners are, inefficiency is hard to escape when it’s built into the design of the system using the energy in question.

But the movement from tanked to tankless water heating is also driven by the value businesses small and large see in products such as Eemax’s AccuMix. When the commercial sector hooks up to any models in the AccuMix line, what does it get in return?

1. Code-compliant handwashing
At schools, restaurants and hospitals, proper hand hygiene stops the spread of bacteria, viruses and other nasty contaminants. Washing with warm water is a major part of that mission. But how can teachers, waiters and caregivers – as well as anyone who wants to wash their hands effectively – tell when the water they use complies to code?

Each AccuMix model contains an integrated ASSE 1070 rated mixing valve, a specially engineered component which allows water to flow to the tap only if its temperature is below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When AccuMix is installed at a sink, users can turn on hot water and wash their hands confidently without accidentally scalding themselves.

2. Easy installation process
When plumbers and contractors charge by the hour, it pays to have simple hardware. Quick installations can save a bundle.

AccuMix tankless hot water heaters connect to your current water distribution system via national pipe threaded fittings. No soldering or special equipment required. The only thing your technician will need is this mantra: Leftie loosie, rightie tightie.

Ad​ditionally, AccuMix tankless water heater models, unlike hot water tanks, often don’t require a temperature or pressure valve, a complex device which can add time and money to the installation process. Please consult your local plumbing codes or technician for more information.

“Eemax reinforces its AccuMix tankless heating elements with glass heating chambers.”

3. No-hassle maintenance
If tankless water heaters are to replace traditional tanked systems as the No.1 choice for heating water in a home or business, they shouldn’t fail as often, don’t you think? Eemax reinforces its AccuMix tankless heating elements with glass heating chambers, which prolongs the life of this critical component and promotes efficient heat transfer to water.

But what about all the other components in AccuMix heating systems? With such an innovative piece of technology, there are bound to be a few hard-to-find, hard-to-fix parts, right? Actually, should any of the major components in AccuMix models break, they are entirely field serviceable and readily available to any technician tasked with replacement.

4. All the energy-saving benefits tankless systems can offer
At the end of the day, AccuMix tankless water heaters share many of the same qualities that unite all Eemax models under an umbrella of efficiency.

AccuMix water heaters heat water on demand and at point of use, expending only the energy needed to bring tap water up to the appropriate, pre-programmed temperature. Without a tank, these systems cannot fall victim to the wastes of standby heat loss. AccuMix models, like all other Eemax tankless systems, also turn on and off automatically with use, so owners never have to manually manage the technology.

Interested in speaking to an Eemax representative about AccuMix or any other line of tankless water heaters? Reach out today!

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