Product Highlight: Eemax SpecAdvantage assists train rinsing facility


It’s fairly easy to talk up the benefits of the commercial and industrial tankless water heaters from Eemax. From their ability to provide on-demand hot water without occupying the space of a traditional tank-based heater to their greater energy efficiency and reduction of standby heat loss, as pointed out by the Department of Energy.

“The benefits of tankless water heaters range from increased energy efficiency to reductions in standby heat loss.”

We at Eemax wanted to present some of our success stories that show how we’ve tackled the problems of our clients head-on, in the specific interest of highlighting the products without which these successes wouldn’t be possible. For our first entry in the Product Highlights series – which you can expect to see from us with some regularity going forward – we examine the role our SpecAdvantage industrial-grade tankless water heater played in hot water solution for a chemical facility with considerable heating and water-volume needs.

The client and the challenge
Many of the applications for Eemax tankless hot water heaters are the sort of industrial processes that you might not often think of on a day-to-day basis but are nonetheless essential to various aspects of modern living. Our client in this situation is a perfect example: a chemical facility to which rail transit authorities send their train cars for periodic cleaning and rinsing.

This chemical rinsing center had heating needs that were nothing short of a big deal – 30 gallons per minute of hot water heated from 60 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in an efficient manner, with the goal of cutting the washdown cycle’s duration in half. In energy terms, that demands 900,000 BTUs per hour, or 263 kilowatts. Natural gas would be (and not infrequently is) a reasonable choice for similar heating tasks, but in the case of the Augusta facility, gas-fired boilers are a serious explosion risk when in proximity to heavy-duty train cars, and the labor and resources necessary for safe piping wouldn’t be cost-efficient. The plant’s management could rely on steam instead for this function, but administrators were nearly as hesitant about steam heat costs as they were those that gas would entail.

Eemax SpecAdvantage brought great efficiency and reduced cost to a chemical train rinsing facility.

SpecAdvantage tankless heaters offer the best solution
Eemax engineers worked on providing them with a solution. Based on the needs of the customer, we decided to utilize tankless water heaters from our SpecAdvantage PhD line. We chose this model due to certain aspects of its specifications, including:

  • Each SpecAdvantage heaters are our most powerful models, best used in high-flow applications.
  • These models are able to deliver hot water output of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Additionally, they offer freeze protection and a fused disconnect switch.

To best fulfill the hot water distribution goals of this facility, our engineers devised and installed an efficient piping system with an easily understood schematic for future upkeep and, if necessary, troubleshooting. This design had the three SpecAdvantage heaters in a parallel piping arrangement, allowing a flow level of 10 gallons per minute per heater, preventing any substantial or problematic reduction in pressure.

Operation was even more simple, with a basic gate valve activating or deactivating the SpecAdvantage models. The LCD control board on the SpecAdvantage allowed workers to lock the heat at certain temperatures with ease – much like cruise control in an automobile. The facility’s electrical grid proved more than capable of handling the related power needs.

Monetary benefits realized and other advantages
First and foremost, Eemax’s electric tankless water heaters provided our client with considerable savings of money, labor and time: Specifically, the new heating process required 2 fewer hours of workers’ time each day, which amounted to an expenses reduction of $25,000 per year.

“How can tankless heating provide such substantial benefits?” you might be asking. Well, the most basic fact of their design – lack of a tank – is a major factor, as it eliminates the considerable costs that are necessary to store hot water and circulate it everywhere it needs to go. The maintenance, repair and even worst-case-scenario replacement costs are all also notably lower than those that would be associated with either natural gas-fired boilers or steam and condensate water heaters. Installation of Eemax heaters and the necessary hardware and infrastructure to run them is also less expensive than any of its alternatives.

To learn more about Eemax and how our industrial- and commercial-grade electric tankless hot water heaters can benefit your business’s processes and bottom line, contact us today!

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