Why does an Eemax water heater make sense for tepid water applications?


View our Tepid Water Solutions sheet for an overview of tepid water and Eemax water heater solutions for tepid water.


ANSI Z358.1 standard regulates that all safety showers be provided with water between 60⁰F and 100⁰F. The flow rate on a typical safety shower combination unit is 25 gallons per minute with a required 15 minute run time which equals 375 gallons of tepid water.

Q&A for Tepid Water Heating

A. Why not run piping from existing hot water sources?

Showers must be available within 10 seconds of the work place so large volumes of hot water must be nearby

B. Can I utilize storage tank water heaters?

Tank systems require 150 gallons at 160 degrees. They are 1300 lb and consume energy 24/7. An Eemax tankless heater is suitcase size and has a 0.99 efficiency factor.

C. Can I tap into existing steam lines with ASSE 1017 thermostatic mixing valves to get tepid water?

Steam systems may not always be accessible or powered on. Mixing valves are costly, create additional maintenance and extra piping is required.

D. Can I tap into existing hot water systems and use thermostatic mixing valves to get tepid water?

The installation of a hot water loop (pipe, pump, hangars, insulation, mixing valve) can be costly, may not have capacity, and create additional maintenance.

E. What are the advantages of electric tankless?

No gas pipe, no vent, wall mountable, energy efficient, and typically lower installed cost vs. other hot water sources.

F. Do I need a T&P valve, drains, or any mixing valves if I use the Eemax heater?

Most inspectors recognize that the Eemax EFD model does not require any additional drains or valves.

G. If my facility requires multiple showers, can I use an Eemax unit for more than one shower?

Depending on incoming water temperature and the distance between showers, one heater could serve multiple showers.

H. Can the Eemax unit be used for more than a tepid water heater used only in emergencies?

Specifying the 140°F model and pairing it with an ASSE 1017 mixing valve will allow the heater to serve multiple needs.

I. Is maintenance required with the heater?

The heater is designed to be maintenance free.

J. Can the heater be mounted in corrosive, explosion proof, or outdoor areas?

The heaters are built with an array of options depending on exact needs with a 5-15 day lead time and are built in the US.

K. Are there any Legionella growth concerns?

Legionella grows between 90-115°F so only hot water storage and recirculating systems are problematic.

For more answers and information, and to learn which Eemax tankless heater would best fit your tepid water application, download our Tepid Water Solutions sheet.

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