Issue 5 | Northeast Region

Chris Anderson | Northeast Regional Sales Manager

In today’s world customers’ needs and wants can change daily, and with that, the products and solutions to meet those needs must evolve. Training that effectively showcases products and solutions is an important part of achieving success in any market. At Eemax we believe that ‘training today leads to happy customers tomorrow.’

In June, Eemax welcomed the Joyce Agency along with several key engineers and contractors from the Maryland, DC, and Virginia markets to our Innovation Learning Center in Waterbury, CT. For two days we spent time reviewing products and solutions for the commercial and residential markets. We had in-depth discussions around understanding applications—how to apply electric tankless water heaters—with a focus on proper sizing techniques, installation, and system integration. In addition, a complete factory tour and live product demonstrations are always an integral part of our trainings to ensure the audience knows and understands who Eemax is, what we do, and where we are going.

We received many great comments and positive feedback regarding the event, but the note below summarizes them all:

“I want to thank Eemax and The Joyce Agency for providing a wonderful training session this week. I came away with a completely different understanding of who Eemax is and where they are headed. It was eye opening. I have known and specified Eemax water heaters over the years but obviously you have experienced a lot of growth when I wasn’t looking. Thank you for presenting this to us.

I came away with a strong sense that Eemax is operating like a family owned business. Obviously being under the Rheem umbrella you are not family owned but it was impressive to see the many long-term employees and the positive attitude that was conveyed by all.

There is always a significate investments of time and resources to ensure a successful event. I want to thank everyone at the Joyce Agency for their efforts and all our guest for taking the time out of their busy schedules to venture up to Connecticut to learn about Eemax!”


Principal, Director of Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

Tankless Times

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