Eemax® was established in 1988 with a line of tankless water heaters for commercial applications ranging in size from .5 GPM to about 1.5 GPM. The original Eemax electric tankless technology was patented and quickly emerged as the most versatile technology on the market.

Eemax’s first product, the 9.5 kW Series One™, was developed in 1989 as a simple on/off device for handwashing applications. This patented modular design led to other units with electronic thermostats, adjustable flow, and up to 277 volt capacities—which expanded the market for electric tankless heaters during the early ‘90s.

Eemax expanded its market leadership position throughout the ‘90s by introducing the Series Two™ and Series Three™ water heaters, offering a broader range of commercial hot water applications covering 1.5 to 5 GPM.

In 2000, Eemax introduced a line of residential products so that consumers could enjoy the benefits of electric tankless water heating for the whole home. Over the years Eemax has established a leadership position in the residential market to complement its commercial business.

In 2003, Eemax further enhanced its position as the dominant supplier for commercial water heating solutions with the introduction of its patented Series Six™ and Series Twelve™ families of high-capacity water heaters. These products were designed for commercial and industrial applications from 6 to 25+ GPM. In addition, there were models within this product family designed specifically for point-of-use safety (tepid water) equipment applications, including eye, face, and drench shower systems.

Eemax was purchased by the private equity firm, Riverside, in 2008, thus giving Eemax the capability to expand its product breadth and hold in the marketplace.

In 2011, Eemax developed an ASSE 1070 approved electric tankless water heater called AccuMix. This product was designed as a turnkey-solution-heater with a code compliant integrated mixing valve, designed specifically to meet UPC 413.1 code requirements for handwashing in both single and multi-lav applications.

2012 marked an expansion for Eemax when the company moved its headquarters and manufacturing to Waterbury, CT. The new location doubled the footprint of Eemax operations to 35,000 square feet.

In 2013, Eemax acquired the retail manufacturer EcoSmart.

Additionally, Eemax introduced ground-breaking technology with the SafeAdvantage™ and SpecAdvantage™ product lines. SafeAdvantage and SpecAdvantage provide endless hot water on demand in commercial, institutional, industrial, and safety applications with unsurpassed efficiency, reliability, precision, and speed.

In 2014, Eemax introduced a new residential line: HomeAdvantage II™. With its patented, self-modulating technology, HomeAdvantage II only uses the energy necessary to heat water as it is needed, nothing more. An efficient, whole-home water heating solutions that is both good for you and good for the environment.

In December 2015, Rheem® acquired Eemax. Founded in 1925, Rheem is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. Rheem is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and has operations in 14 countries. “Eemax’s offerings perfectly complement Rheem’s line of efficient and advanced tank and tankless water heaters, and that is why we are so confident that this acquisition is the right opportunity and the right time,” stated Chris Peel, president and COO, Rheem.

AutoBooster™, SmartBoost™, and TankBuddy™ are launched in 2016. These products are easily installed on existing electric or gas tanks to increase the deliverable amount of hot water.

2017 was an exciting year as Eemax became home to the 7,000 square foot Innovation Learning Center. A hub for training, creative exploration, and water heating education, the Innovation Learning Center serves as a collaborative space for engineers, manufacturer’s representatives, wholesalers, and plumber/contractors in the Northeast and nationwide. “This training center is reflective of Rheem’s commitment to innovation and to business growth—for both us and our partners,” said Rich Bendure, executive vice president, Rheem Water Heating.

Several next steps in Eemax’s commitment to product innovation and evolution were realized in 2017 and early 2018 with successful launches of LavAdvantage™, AccuMix II™, and HotMax™.

Throughout 2018, Eemax will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary and the successes that have brought us to today and make us the nation’s number one supplier of electric tankless water heating solutions.

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