Eemax MAP Policy

Eemax MAP policy applies to all websites, linked web sites and affiliated web sites, including auction style web sites engaged in e-commerce selling Eemax product. This policy also applies to catalogs featuring Eemax products.

Eemax Inc. minimum advertised price (“MAP”) policy. Resellers of Eemax products are free to advertise promote or sell the products of Eemax at any price they choose in their sole and absolute discretion. Pursuant to the policy, resellers may not advertise or otherwise promote the products at a net price less than MAP and may not sell the products to any other person or entity which advertise or otherwise promotes the products at a net price less than MAP. Eemax Inc. will cancel all orders and refuse to accept any new orders from any reseller for the products immediately following verification by Eemax Inc. to its reasonable satisfaction that the reseller has advertised or otherwise promoted a product or the products at a net price less than MAP or that the reseller has sold products to another person or entity who has promoted or advertised a price less than MAP. Once Eemax Inc. has decided to cancel all orders for the products and not to accept new orders for the products, Eemax Inc. will never again sell the products to the reseller while the policy remains in effect.

For this policy, “net price” shall mean the published or advertised price that the reseller makes the product available to its customers taking into account all discounts, deductions, rebates, allowances, credits, charges, trade-ins, the separate price of products bundled with products by the reseller, coupons, premiums, promotions, free goods and services and gifts offered with the product. Customer paid taxes shall not be included in the determination of the “net price”.

Eemax appreciates your compliance regarding the MAP policy and thanks you for your continued support of Eemax Electric Tankless and Electric Mini Tanks products.




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