Model: AM004120T

Electric Tankless Water Heater with integrated ASSE 1070 rated mixing valve for code compliant hand washing

Electric Tankless
AccuMix II
Light Commercial

Power3.5kW Voltage120V PhaseSingle Amperage29 Wire Size10 AWG
  • On demand hot water - no delay
  • Cut energy waste - Flow switch activates heater only when water is running, no standby heat loss
  • Endless hot water - No storage capacity to deplete
  • Reduces installation cost and material - No T&P valve required (check local codes)
  • Glass reinforced heating chambers in a unique flow path ensures optimum heat transfer and extended element life
  • Easy Installation - Simple NPT fittings that require no soldering. Unit mounts directly to the wall with common hardware.
  • Field Serviceable - All major component are field replaceable and readily available
  • GPM Turn On: 0.3
  • Physical Max Volume: 0.0 gpm
  • Minimum Operating Temp: 105
  • Max Operating Temp: 105
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 35 PSI
  • Max Pressure Rating: 150 PSI

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