Welcome to our comprehensive library featuring Building Information Modeling (BIM) for our Electric Tankless and Mini Tank Water Heaters. We hope you’ll take advantage of this library to streamline your specifying process.

Eemax product models for BIM are available for you to download directly into your project designs from this page, or you may access them through the Autodesk® Seek web service. Just drag-and-drop the product of choice into your BIM project.

The Autodesk Seek web service enables you to quickly discover, preview, and download branded and generic building information modeling (BIM) files, models, drawings, and product specifications directly into your active design sessions in Autodesk® Revit® or AutoCAD® software.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Eemax product models for BIM.

Point of Use Low FlowPoint of Use High FlowSeries Two Residential HeatersSeries Two Commercial HeatersSeries Three Residential and Commercial HeatersThree Phase Commercial HeatersSeries Four Residential / Commercial HeatersAccuMix Code Compliant Hand Washing Water HeatersDe-Ionized Heaters, Stainless Steel Internals, Not CopperProAdvantage Premium Commercial / Industrial HeaterPoint of Use Mini-Tanks HeatersSpecAdvantageSafeAdvantage

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