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Hot water heating can get quite costly, so by investing in an Eemax tankless solution, you can dramatically reduce your utility costs and become a more eco-friendly home.

You use hot water throughout the home including your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. While it may feel like hot water is always in supply, it is also a major contributor to your utility bill. According to the Department of Energy, the average household spends $400 to $600 each year on water heating, making it the second largest monthly home expense. In fact, $0.14 to $0.18 of every utility dollar goes toward heating your home’s water.

By investing in a Eemax tankless hot water heater, you can significantly reduce these costs and make your home more sustainable in the process.

Why tankless?
Electric tankless hot water heaters are one of the best available solutions on the market because they are able to balance performance, efficiency, life expectancy and convenience.

  • Performance: Tankless solutions heat water on demand, providing an endless supply of hot water.
  • Efficiency: There is no standby energy waste associated with keeping water warm inside a tank.
  • Life span: Tankless hot water heaters typically last over 20 years – the longest of all available solutions.
  • Size: Tankless water heaters are 90 percent smaller than tanked ones.

These benefits can lead to both short- and long-term savings. The on-demand solution cuts back on waste because you do not have to wait for your water to heat up, while energy efficiency reduces how you much need to pay each month in water heating. The long life span eliminates earlier replacement costs and the size reduction optimizes the space in your home.

Why Eemax
Not every electric tankless water heater is the same. Eemax heaters are proven to be 99.8 percent energy efficient and reduce water heating costs by up to 50 percent. Further, along with the benefits of standard tankless water heaters, Eemax solutions require no venting or extra piping, along with sleek modeling that makes them easy to use and control.

The primary Eemax whole home solution is the Home Advantage II. The following are what make this water heater stand out among the rest.

  • Temperature control of 1°F ranging between 80°F to 140°F on a digital user interface and display
  • Threaded copper heating elements with brass termination for enhanced durability
  • Self-modulating technology
  • Easy switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Another great Eemax option is the MiniTank. This is a point-of-use solution that is often installed under a sink providing hot and cold water with temperature adjustment that ranges between 50°F and 140°F. Though it is small and compact, it can provide immediate hot water for your sink, or give your dish washer a small boost.

An Eemax water heater can provide you with numerous other advantages. Talk to a professional about how Eemax hot water heater solutions can address your kitchen or bar water heating needs.





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