Proven Performance

Technology You Can Count On

Eemax water heaters undergo 10 year lifespan testing to make sure they can take the heat.

Every water heater is made to resist lime scaling and calcification, resulting in lifetime expectancy of up to 20 years of reliable hot water.

Proven Choice

The Right Tankless Water Heater for the Job, No Matter the Job

Eemax water heaters fit any application, with over 1300 different SKUs. Online Product Finder tools and experienced specialists help you find the exact water heater you need with the exact fittings, making installation a breeze.

Proven Expert

Your customer is counting on you.

With 25 years of experience and 1,000,000+ units installed, Eemax knows how to design water heaters for professionals, and you can start installing the #1 recognized brand by becoming part of the certified installer program.

Popular Solutions for Plumbers / Contractors

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Popular Products for Plumbers / Contractors

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