No matter what the use, Eemax has a tankless water heater that is the perfect fit for your application.

We've Got You Covered

Eemax has the largest selection of any tankless water heater, with over 1300 different SKUs. The nearest competitor doesn’t even come close, with only 75.

Products range from small 2.4 kW hand washing units to 150 kW commercial drench shower units, and that’s only the beginning, with new 216 kW products in development. Whatever your application, Eemax has a water heater for you.

We've Got Your Back

Easy tools like the online Product Finder help make finding the right water heater for your application easy.

Local distributors and sales reps have Eemax products right in your area.

Or you can just pick up the phone. The Eemax Tech Service Team’s 10 year tenure with Eemax makes them experts at finding the right water heater for you.

The Right Heater. Right Now

Eemax is dedicated to working with you on your water heater installation projects.

Eemax’s dedication to distributors means you can find our tankless water heaters at in-stock at local stores, and our short product lead time means you get your heater fast.

And if your project needs something special, our engineers are ready to customize water heater to your need, giving the exactly what you need.

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