Avoid cold hands by installing an Eemax tankless heater to get endless hot water for comfortable handwashing.

Hot water with a small footprint. No need for a storage-type water heater with an Eemax tankless heater.

Save energy with high performance water heaters from Eemax with energy efficiency ratings up to 99%.

Get hot water fast with a tankless heater installed right under the sink for a faster time-to-temperature and less waiting.

Save on energy costs by installing an energy-efficient Eemax electric tankless water heater. Only heat water on-demand.

No exhaust means no venting. Eliminate the air vents by installing an energy-efficient tankless electric water heater.

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New LavAdvantage Thermostatic Water Heaters Yield Industry’s Lowest Activation GPM

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Right Temperature for Handwashing

Get the right temperature for any handwashing application. Install a tankless heater directly below any sink for a fast time-to-temperature and consistent hot water. Eemax offers simple handwashing solutions and models that ease UPC 407.3 compliance. Find the right model for the application.

Multiple Handwashing Fixtures

To deliver hot water to multiple hot water fixtures simultaneously, select an installation location that is central to the fixtures. The output line from the unit to each fixture is recommended to be 2 feet or less for optimum performance.

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Public Handwashing

Eemax designed the AccuMix II™ series of tankless electric water heaters specifically to conform to UPC 407.3 requirements. All AccuMix units feature an integrated ASSE 1070 rated mixing valve to reduce the installation footprint and are mountable in any orientation.

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Standard Hand Sink

To select the right unit for a standard hand sink, determine whether the application requires a thermostatic or non-thermostatic water heater and if the hot water fixture has a fixed or variable flow.

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