Complete dispensing system for near-boiling hot water.

HotMax™ tankless electric water heater system is designed for the rigors of commercial foodservice applications. HotMax provides an industry-leading volume of 480 cups per hour of near-boiling hot water at a continuous flow. The system includes the tankless water heater unit, a stylish gooseneck dispenser and a proprietary 4mm tube to connect the dispenser to the heater. A recovery-free operation that delivers endless hot water from the first cup to the last.


Thermostatic control for stable output temperature

The temperature rise required between the incoming and output water temperatures is calculated by the control board which then regulates the amount of power applied to the heating elements. HotMax delivers temperature consistency of +/- 2 °F at a steady state.

Compact size for a simple installation

HotMax has a compact design for an easy installation under the sink without taking up valuable storage space.