White Paper – Pump Up Your Greenness – Even Safety Solutions Can Go Green

By Jens Bolleyer

Natural resources are often taken for granted at most businesses. Few companies know exactly how much water and energy they are using, more importantly, even fewer know how much water and energy they are wasting. Paying closer attention to how you perform simple tasks can also help improve how your company is viewed by your local community, your business partners, and your customers. But you can’t skimp when it comes to providing safe working conditions for your employees. There are affordable “green” solutions that can save your company money, water, energy, time, and space, while providing your employees with the safest equipment on the market today.


Accidental hazardous exposure can still occur even with the best engineering controls and safety precautions in place. As a result, it is essential to look beyond the use of protective eyewear, gloves, face shields, and safety measures. Emergency showers and eyewash stations are a necessary backup to minimize the effects of accidental exposure to chemicals and corrosive materials. Emergency showers can also be used effectively in extinguishing clothing fires or for flushing contaminants off clothing.
According to OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration), the first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance, especially corrosive materials, are critical. Delaying treatment, even for a few seconds, may cause serious injury. Emergency showers and eyewash stations provide on-the-spot decontamination. They allow workers to flush away hazardous substances that can cause injury.

The American National Standards Institute ( ANSI) standard for emergency showers and eyewashes is detailed in ANSI Z358.1. It states that the requirement for tempered water is 60-100ºF – a comfortable temperature range for emergency eye/face and drench showers. While it may be thought of as cool, it can be quite comfortable for any burn related splashes.  Tempered water is desired not only to help cool burns and to help prevent chemical absorption, but it is also necessary because it helps prevent hypothermia, encourages the full 15-minute drench time, and helps to encourage the removal of contaminated clothing. This requirement for tempered water, or water that has been warmed or cooled to a desired temperature helps improve employee safety and reduce employer liability.


Traditional safety shower systems use a tank-based water heater and mixing valves to provide instant access to water. The water is maintained at the proper heated level 24/7, meaning it re-circulates, burning energy to keep it heated constantly. This is not a very “green” way to operate, but there is an affordable and simple solution – On-Demand Electric Tankless Water Heaters. These space-saving devices allow you to keep water hot when and if you need it. On-demand water heating is one of the most effective ways to conserve energy. Electric Tankless Water Heaters are easy to install, requiring only one cold water line.

The latest Emergency Eye/Face and Drench Shower systems feature On-Demand Electric Tankless Water Heaters that are specifically engineered to comply with ANSI Z358.1 requirements. Preventative over-temperature measures have been engineered into ANSI-compliant instantaneous water heaters. Sophisticated micro-processing thermostats are factory-set to a safe 60-100ºF. The powerful drench shower heater has the capacity to deliver 23GPM at 80ºF outlet temperature safely and reliably with no danger of running out of tepid water. In addition, the danger of legionella bacteria and microbacteria growth is substantially reduced with on-demand water heaters, as there is no stored tepid water. When the heater is not operational, there is no consumption of energy, making it the most economical way to comply with ANSI Z358.1 code.


On-Demand Electric Tankless Water Heaters are the perfect energy-saving solution for new construction and for green building renovations. They can provide decades of trouble-free performance, lasting twice as long as tank heaters which can rust out and need replacing. Making better choices like upgrading your outdated emergency safety shower systems can help you achieve a higher level of greenness at your facility. Electric Tankless Water Heaters are 99% energy efficient and can help your company cut energy waste up to 50%, which ultimately helps save our planet.

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White Paper

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