3 ways Eemax Autobooster instantly improves your hot water tank


An insufficient hot water heater can turn a daily shower into a game of Russian Roulette. One minute, you’re rinsing the sleep from your eyes and reaching for the shampoo bottle. Then, in the blink of eye, the water temperature plummets. Readers with big families, you know the drill.

And nothing takes the joy out of a relaxing soak after a long day quite like running out of hot water halfway through filling the bathtub. You either make do with lukewarm or skip the whole thing altogether.

Trouble is, what are homeowners to do if they want to prevent these issues from continuing? Take fewer showers? That’s out of the question.

“Larger tanks might solve capacity problems, but they are an expensive remedy.”

Capacity versus cost
What about trading their current hot water heaters for bigger models? Larger tanks might solve capacity problems, but they are an expensive remedy. Also, homeowners ought to consider not only the upfront costs but the recurring energy expenses. Extra gallons of hot water require extra natural gas or electricity. Homeowners will end up spending more on their utilities than ever – and because of standby heat losses typical of tanked hot water systems, they’ll waste more energy in the process.

Eemax AutoBooster to the rescue! How can this simple addition to a standard hot water tank help your system deliver more hot water and conserve energy at the same time?

1. Boost capacity
Installing an Eemax AutoBooster to your conventional hot water tank immediately increases its capacity by 45 percent. Got a 30-gallon tank? Boost it to 45 gallons.

AutoBooster installs directly above the hot water tank. That’s a great way to upgrade your system without sacrificing additional space in your basement, closet or wherever your hot water tank lives.

2. Boost efficiency
AutoBooster vigilantly monitors the temperature of water passing from your hot water tank into the pipes that distribute water throughout your home. When the temperature drops, AutoBooster kicks in and compensates by heating water on demand. Once the tank begins sufficiently pumping out hot water again, AutoBooster shuts itself off. It’s that simple.

When pushing beyond their normal capacity, Eemax AutoBooster allows homeowners to only heat the water they need and avoid wasting energy by heating water they never use.

3. Boost budgeting
Everyone loves a deal, and AutoBooster won’t disappoint. This smart investment into added capacity and automatic operation rewards buyers with future savings across the board – gas, electricity and/or water. That’s money well spent.

But what about installation and maintenance fees? AutoBooster is easy to install and hardly ever requires repairs, which mitigates hourly technician costs in either instance. The system also makes great financial sense for homeowners thinking about ditching their low-capacity hot water heater prematurely. Thanks to AutoBooster, buyers extend the lives of their tanks and get more out of them until they really need replacements.

And when that day comes, might we recommend switching to a tankless hot water heating system for even greater efficiency and performance? For more information, check out more articles on the Eemax blog or reach out to a representative today.

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