New LavAdvantage Thermostatic Water Heaters Yield Industry’s Lowest Activation GPM

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology employed in Eemax’s proven SafeAdvantage and SpecAdvantage product lines, the company has now launched LavAdvantage thermostatic electric tankless water heaters. The units are designed to improve user experience and ease installation and maintenance demands.


Tankless 101

Tankless water heating systems conserve energy and water that is otherwise consumed by gas or electric hot water tanks. The process is simple, tankless water heaters heat water plumbed into the unit with either gas burners or electric elements. This is a direct means of heating water without cumbersome storage tanks. With many tankless solutions on the market, electric tankless water heaters are the preferred choice to deliver a constant supply of hot water on demand.


Why LavAdvantage?

Intended to replace the current Series One thermostatic product line, Eemax LavAdvantage thermostatic electric tankless water heaters feature many new benefits. LavAdvantage performance is most notable, yielding the industry’s lowest activation with 0.2 GPM turn on. This saves customers money on energy, water and install costs.

Key features:

  • Advanced Control Board
  • Active Energy Management with Power Modulating Controls
  • Flexible installation configurations
  • Easy to Use Digital User Interface
  • Field Adjustable Set Point
  • Flow Meter Technology

This new tankless water heater utilizes a complex algorithm to actively manage power application to meet real time system demand.  The unit instantly adapts to variations in flow and temperature and is the only product line on the market to operate in any mounting orientation.  To ease consumer experience, the LavAdvantage series also has a silent operation.*

>> Want to learn more?  View our LavAdvantage models or speak to an Eemax representative today.

*Incorporated on all models with the exception of model SPEX0122240T

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