Sanitation requires a lot of very hot water. Be prepared with the endless hot water capability of Eemax tankless heaters.

Wall mounting your Eemax tankless electric water heater in a stainless steel cabinet in your washdown environment saves valuable floor space and provides hot water fast, while resisting corrosion for a long service life.

Use an Eemax tankless electric water heater as a booster heater to increase your facility’s hot water supply temperature to sanitation temperatures with no standing losses.

Making hot water when you need it at the point-of-use saves time when an eemax tankless electric water heater is used for your sanitary washdown processes. No more waiting for hot water.

Standing losses from a tank type heater can be significant at sanitation temperatures. Remove that energy-wasting tank with an Eemax tankless electric water heater.

Installing gas-fired equipment in a sanitation washdown environment can be challenging with the need for venting. Eliminate that problem by using equipment that does not reauire venting: Eemax tankless electric water heaters.

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Reliable Hot Water

Eemax tankless electric water heaters deliver high temperature hot water for sanitation applications. Get endless hot water where and when you need it with a compact tankless heater.